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Supported Formats

FastLook supports over 200 file formats. We are continually updating and adding formats. If you do not see your format of interest, please contact our Sales Department.


CAD and Vector Formats

Plus PRO
AutoCAD Drawing files -DWG X X
AutoCAD Web files -DWF X X
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange files - DXF X X
Autodesk Inventor - IDW X X
Autodesk Inventor - IPT (Parts)   X
SOLIDWORKS - SLDPRT (Parts)/ SLDASM (Assembly)   X
Intergraph/MicroStation files - DGN X X
CADKey design file - PRT X X
Computer Graphic Metafiles - CGM X X
HPGL/2 - Hewlet-Packard Graphics Language X X
ME10/30 X X
Acrobat PDF viewer** - PDF X X
Visio -VSD X X

** - Denotes need for Acrobat Reader


Raster Formats

Plus PRO
BMP - Windows bitmap X X
CIT - Intergraph raster X X
DIB - Windows bitmap X X
GP4 - CALS Group4 images X X
GIF - Rendered Image files X X
JPEG - Compressed Color X X
PCX - Zsoft Corporation files X X
RLC - CAD Overlay files X X
RLE - Windows bitmap X X
TGA - Rendered Image files X X
TIF - TIFF Group3/4, LZW Color X X



Office Formats

Plus PRO
300 - Enable WP 3.0 X X
DOC - First Choice 3 WP X X
DOC - IBM DisplayWrite 4/5 X X
DOC - Microsoft Word X X
DOC - Microsoft WordPad X X
DOC - MultiMate 3.6 X X
DOC - SmartWare II X X
DOC - Wang IWP files X X
DOC - Word for Windows X X
DOX - MultiMate 4.0 X X
CAL - SuperCalc 5 X X
TAR - UNIX Tar files X X
TAZ - UNIX Compress files X X
DB - Paradox Database X X
CDR - Corel Draw (Header only) X X
CH3 - Harvard Graphics 3.0 X X
CHP - Legacy files X X
CHT - Harvard Graphics 2.0 X X
CUR - Windows Cursor X X
DB - Smart Database X X
DBA - DataEase 4.x X X
DBF - DBase III, IV, V X X
DCX - Multipage PCX X X
DIF - Navy DIF X X
DLL - Windows DLL file X X
DRW - Micrografx Draw X X
DTF - Q&A Database X X
DX3 - DEC DX files X X
EPS - EPS (TIFF header) X X
EXE - DOS/Windows Executable X X
EXE - Self Extracting ZIP X X
FAX - CCITT Group3 Fax X X
FAX - CCITT Group3/4 Fax X X
FFT - IBM FFT files X X
First Choice Word Processor X X
FNT - MultiMate Advantage 2 X X
FNX - MultiMate Note X X
FOL - First Choice DB X X
FWK - Framework III X X
GEM - GEM Image X X
Generic WKS X X
HTML - Internet-WWW X X
IBM Writing Assistant X X
ICO - Windows Icon X X
IDW - Autodesk Inventor X X
IMG - GEM Image file X X
JW - JustWrite 1.0/2.0 X X
Lotus Manuscript 1.0-2.0 X X
Lotus PIC X X
LTR - PC File 5.0 Doc X X
LZA Compress X X
LZH Compress X X
Mac WordPerfect 2.0 X X
Mac WordPerfect 3.0 X X
Mac WordPerfect 1.x X X
Mac Works 2.0 Database X X
Mac Works 2.0 Spreadsheet X X
Mac Works 2.0 Word Processor X X
Macintosh PICT/PICT2 X X
MacPaint X X
MacWrite II X X
MDB - Microsoft Access X X
Microsoft Office Binder X X
Multiplan 4 X X
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Word Processor X X
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Draw X X
Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 Spreadsheet X X
Novell Presentations 3.0 X X
OS/2 Bitmap X X
OS/2 Warp Bitmap X X
PFB - PFS Write X X
PL - PFS: Plan X X
PPT - PowerPoint 3.0-4.0 X X
PPT - Powerpoint 7.0 X X
PR2 - Freelance files X X
Professional Write 1-2 X X
PWP - Professional Write Plus X X
Q&A Write X X
Q&A Write 3 X X
R2D - Reflex files X X
RBF - R:Base SystemV/5000 X X
RTF - Rich Text Format X X
SAM - Ami Pro files X X
SAM - Samna files X X
SDW - Ami Draw X X
Signature X X
SNP - Lotus Snapshot X X
SPR - Sprint files X X
SS - First Choice Spreadsheet X X
SSF - Enable Spreadsheet X X
SY1 - Smart PIC files X X
SYM - Lotus Symphony X X
TW - Total Word files X X
TXT - IBM DisplayWrite 2/3 X X
TXT - Text Files X X
VW4 - Volkswriter files X X
WB1 - Quattro Pro for Windows X X
WDB - MS Works Database X X
WG1 - Lotus 123 for OS2 X X
Windows Works Database X X
Windows Works Spreadsheet X X
WK1 - Lotus 123 v1.0-2.0 X X
WK3 - Lotus 123 v3.0-5.0 X X
WKS - MS Works Spreadsheet X X
WKS - VP- Planner X X
WKU - Mosaic Twin files X X
WMC - WordMarc files X X
WMF - Windows Metafiles X X
Word for Macintosh 4.0-5.0 X X
WP - WordPerfect 4.2 X X
WP - OfficeWriter X X
WPD - WordPerfect 5.x X X
WPD - WordPerfect 6.0-7.0 X X
WPF - Enable WP 4.x X X
WPG - WordPerfect Graphic 1.0-2.0 X X
WPG - WordPerfect Presentations X X
WPS - MS Works Wordprocessor X X
WQ1 - Quattro Pro DOS X X
WRI - Windows Write X X
WS - WordStar 3.0-7.0 X X
WS - Smart Spreadsheet X X
WS - Wordstar for Windows X X
WS2 - WordStar 2000 X X
XLC - Microsoft Excel Chart X X
XLS - Microsoft Excel X X
XyWrite/Nota Bene X X
ZIP - PkZip file X X


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