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Redline and Markup

FastLook has the most extensive assortment of redlining (mark-up) tools on the market. Any form of comment, correction or instruction may be created and placed on supported images.

All mark-up can be done on separate layers, with different colors assigned to each, for immediate identification of the source of the annotation. Redline entities can "snap to" redline and vector entities for accurate placement. Put FastLook in Ortho Mode and drawing horizontal and vertical lines are easy.

FastLook also supports many advanced features such as highlighting, hatching and the solid fill of redline entities. Font styles may be defined and utilized for text entities. Line Types may be utilized for many entities. Create and place symbols in the redline file. Vector entities may be captured from a drawing and placed in the redline file. Use this function to incorporate your AutoCAD symbols in FastLook and store them in a default symbol file.


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