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Desktop Technologies

View, markup and management tools designed for the desktop. Performs all operations on the client computer and is available in single-user and multi-user licenses.

  FastLook Plus

One viewer that views over 200 native file formats. View and markup drawings and images with lightning speed and ease-of-use. Create your own custom applications using the most extensive API in the industry.
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  FastLook PRO

FastLook PRO takes all the features of FastLook Plus and adds support for 3D Models and a whole host of 3D formats. This version of FastLook includes support for IGES, STEP, STL, ACIS, plus part and assembly files for SOLIDWORKS® and part files for Autodesk Inventor®.
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Optional Modules
    FastLook DBMS

    Organize and find your drawings by combining the optional FastLook DBMS with your FastLook Plus. Perfect for any workgroup or organization that needs to increase productivity.
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Web Technologies

WebLook runs as a Web server that serves drawings and images through the Internet or your corporate intranet to a browser. The latest version of WebLook also serves HTML web pages, images and runs scripts. All user interaction takes place through a web browser or host client, which you control.


View drawings and images across the Web or your intranet. The absolute fastest, most accurate, secure way to share your CAD drawings over the Web with those who need them! Serve images to authorized customers, suppliers and team members, all the while leaving your actual drawings secure on your server.
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Optional Modules
    WebLook DBMS

    Publish your drawing database to the Web by using the optional WebLook DBMS with your WebLook viewer. The WebLook DBMS is perfect for moving document management quickly and easily to the Web. Securely grant access to drawings and images for sales, production, maintenance, purchasing, supply chain partners and customers.
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We use our own WebLook software to serve all the pages and images for this website.
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